On a Mission to Help Baby Raccoons

Friday evening one of our clients texted and asked if I knew anyone that could help with baby raccoons. A coworker of his had a momma and 4 babies take up shelter in her barn. Unfortunately, momma was hit by a car so the woman took on the responsibility of caring for the babies until a rehabilitated could be found.

Since she didn’t have luck finding help, she kept them as long as she could and reached out to my client for help.

I picked them up late Friday night and it’s now Sunday and it’s easy to say, I’m in love!

Hopefully a rescue I’ve had previous dealings with will take them Tuesday because raising babies like this takes a lot of work and dedication. In have the dedication but not the time or education to properly care for them at the moment.

Here’s a picture, stay tuned for more!

Share the road and please watch out for opposums, raccoons and baby squirrels this time of year.

Feel free to contact us if you need help.

Kelley Stewart


One thought on “On a Mission to Help Baby Raccoons

  1. Just had a “critter guy” remove a momma raccoon and her babies out of my attic. What noisy neighbors they were – kept me up for weeks with her chattering and their mewling, as well as skittering between the floors and tearing at the walls!! Now I have a hole and several slits in my roof that let lots of sun in the attic, where she ripped off the tiles while trying to get in. Can’t find anyone willing to get up on that tall, slanted roof to fix it. Hope we don’t have a hard rain for a while!!!


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