Pet Nail Trims at Pet Valu in Anderson 5/1 and 5/15

Come out to Anderson’s Pet Valu May 1st and 15th for our monthly pet nail trims.

Regular trims are important for the health and comfort of your dog. Cats benefit from nail trims also.

When To Start Doing Pet Nail Trims?

Begin handling your pet’s nails as soon a they come into your life. While sitting on the couch or floor, gently touch your dog’s feet. Keep it positive. Don’t force it. Reward your pup for allowing you to touch them. If you’re attempting doing the trims yourself, please read up on the procedure before starting.

If you’re taking your dog to a vet, groomer or other professional for a trim, try not to stress out on the drive there because your dog can pick up on your emotions.

Cats can be handled safely for trims if you sit on the couch. Just lay your kitty on the tops of your legs, belly and paws facing out. Get human nail clippers or cat nail clippers and gently take a paw into your hand.

Push gently right before the nails to get the nail to extend. Once extended, just trim the tip off and don’t cut the vein, or quick.

Reward your kitty or dog after you’re finished and remember to always keep it positive.

See you tomorrow or May 15!

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