10 Unofficial Rules For Camping With Your Dogs

Camping, glamping and even van dwelling with your dog can be a fun adventure or it could turn disastrous for you and other outdoor enthusiasts.

We’re here to help.

Keep on reading to see a list of 10 unofficial camping rules that will help you and your dog be good neighbors. Remember, not everyone likes dogs. And not everyone wants dogs at the campground. However, follow these rules and you’ll be on the right track and set a good example for other doggy travelers.

10 Unofficial Rules For Camping With Your Dog

1. Safety: Keep your dog on leash. All the time. Unless you’re in a designated off-leash area and you’re there to monitor 24/7. Not all dogs like to be around other dogs and a fight can break out quickly.camping-with-dogs

2. Quiet Zone: Shhh…don’t let your dog bark incessantly at other campers or dogs.

3. Watch Them: Never leave your dog tethered alone outside for long periods of time.

4. Keep It Clean: Always clean up dog poop and other messes and dispose in proper trash receptacles.

5. Be Respectful: Don’t let your dog go up to other campsites to pee or poop OR rush up and jump on people or other dogs.

6. ID Tags: Keep identification or microchip tag on your dog at all times. Also, make sure your contact information is current.

7. Secure Windows/Doors: Make sure RV windows, screens and doors are secure so your dog can’t push them open or out.

8. Pictures: Keep current printed pictures of your dog handy so if your dog does escape you pass them around.

9. Extra Supplies: Always keep extra pet food and supplies in your RV and at your campsite.

10. Fitted Collar: Last but not least, always make sure dog collar is tight enough so it won’t slip off and over his head.

There you go. Be a good dog mom or dad and keep your dog safe while you camp.

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P.S. If you’re a van dweller and will be traveling through or near Muncie, Indiana, send a message to say hi. I’m a part-time dweller and love taking my dogs on adventures and would love to connect with other like-minded doggy lovers.