Can Your Dog Use An Elevator?

Can your dog use an elevator?  Yes, you read that right. I’m asking if your dog can use an elevator because this basic thing is scary for some dogs and they refuse to get on or off of it.

Let me explain a little on why this simple task is important and should be mastered by all dogs, regardless elevator.jpgof their age or breed.

Let’s say you live in a one-story home and your dog is 12 years old. You develop some health problems. These health problems force you to move into an assisted living facility temporarily. This is assisted living facility is pet-friendly so your can dog joins you.

However you are moved onto the second floor and can’t take the stairs. You’re forced to take the elevator every day and your dog has never been on an elevator (or many stairs for that matter). In your weakened state, teaching your dog that getting on the elevator isn’t a a big deal is the last thing you want to do, but you must.

The very first time you put your dog on – or TRY – to put your dog on the elevator he flips out. You tug his leash gently and he won’t budge. You pull a little harder and he still won’t move. Finally, you reach down and pick your 30 lb bundle of love up. This is against doctors orders and could result in you getting re-injured, but you gotta get your dog on the elevator, right?!

Instead of standing patiently like the dog in this photo, your guy dog spins in circles starts panting frantically looking for an escape. Before the elevator stops, there’s pee and poop on the floor. When the door opens your dog hunkers down in the corner not knowing that all he has to do is walk through the door and he’s on to level ground again. So you’re forced to drag him out because by this time your back is hurting.

The nursing staff comes over and helps clean up the messes and takes your dog outside. You take a seat and relax a minute because you pushed yourself way to hard doing something that should’ve been simple.

This type of thing can be avoided if you introduce your dog to this ‘big, scary monster’ early in his life and periodically as he gets older.

Positive socialization (and introduction to new things like elevators, umbrellas, fire trucks, hills, stairs, etc.) should start the minute you bring a new puppy or dog into your life.

Teaching your dog to use stairs or take an elevator is easier when they’re younger usually but can be taught to any age dog. If you need help teaching your dog these skills, call us, we’d love to help.

We can work with you and your dog on basic leash manners, how to use the stairs and elevator and generally teach you how to introduce new things to him.

Our schedules are flexible and we come to your home. If you don’t have stairs or an elevator we’ll meet at a pet-friendly location to work on this skills.

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