Muncie Cat Sitter Cares For Diabetic Cats

Did you know our professional cat sitters often care for diabetic kitties?

Setting up cat sitting services for these special felines is easy to do and easy to schedule. However, since medicine will be administered it is imperative that we have a thorough consultation prior to us starting services.

Muncie cat sitting services can be scheduled daily and multiple times per day.

We can also care for outside kitties, community cats and ferals that you provide for routinely, but again, a thorough consultation is required so we can make sure to get all the details and routines right.

Muncie Pet Sitter Gives Insulin To Diabetic Cats – Book Your Appointment Now

Just think, you can plan in taking a trip or scheduling that vacation that you’ve been putting off because you’ve been afraid to leave your cats!

Want to set up Muncie, Anderson or Indianapolis cat sitting now? Awesome, we’d love to help.

The insulin dependent kitties we care for are usually happy to see us because we bring treats and cat nip, what’s better than that right?

Book your cat sitting now!

We also care for dogs and most other domestic animals as well as farm animals, so if you have other pets or need help managing your farm while go out if town, call us. 765-744-5688.

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