DogVacay Disaster For An Akita Named Sully

We’re not here to spread doom and gloom but we are here to help pet parents stay informed of what’s going on in the pet care industry. This particular story hits home because it involves a senior dog and a pet sitter hired through the DogVacay app. Read our blog and read the news article to get more of the details about this horrible incident.

You might reconsider booking pet sitting, dog boarding and dog walking through apps like DogVacay after reading about Sully’s experience.

In short: Sully’s dad went on a Mexican vacation and hired a woman through DogVacay. She was accused of theft and animal cruelty charges. Click the link at the end of this article to read his story or now if you want to read it first.

Being in a pinch and needing pet care help quickly can resort to last-minute mishaps. We recommend you never let someone take care of your pet without doing some homework first.

Here’s Some Suggestions We Recommend For Anyone Looking For Pet Care Services: 

1. Hire a professional pet sitter (and check references). If you don’t know how to find a professional pet sitter, scroll down to #5.

2. Book pet sitting with an actual person, not through an app. Booking with a real live person gives you time to  interview them and schedule a consultation before actually agreeing to services.

3. Ask to meet the person who will be caring for your pet. Caveat: Not all pet care companies can schedule one particular person for the job but if the business is legitimate and understanding, they’ll schedule a meeting with a representative of the company. This is typical with our business. This is very important: If you hire a professional pet sitter, they have back-up plans in place. So, if your pet sitter gets a migraine or gets into an accident and CAN’T visit your dog, the back-up pet sitter can take over. Hiring through an app doesn’t guarantee there’s a person that can take over if the first sitter can’t complete the job.

4. If you’re asking someone to take your dog (or other pet) into their home, please read this article first. We give you lots of things to think about and specific things you should ask a potential pet care provider, regardless if they work for DogVacay, Rover or other on demand pet care app.

5. Check out our article 5 Simple Online Steps To Find A Professional Pet Sitter.

Theft and Animal Cruelty Charges

DogVacay’s name and reputation is on the line because a pet sitter working with their company stole money from a client and injured a dog.

Why Choose Us?

We’re local.

We live close to people that’s hired us.

We’re active in the community.

We have good references.

We’re a professional company. We only work with people we know, like and trust – super important since the person works in your home and directly with your pet. If we can’t handle your pet care needs, we’ll refer you to a business that we trust to work with our own pets.

Save yourself headache and book your next pet sitting visits with us or other pet care professional.

Click the link below to read about Sully and his dad. Courtesy of The Patriot Ledger, Quincy, MA

Hire A Professional,

Kelley Stewart, CEO|Pet Sitter
sit-stay-play In-home pet sitting & more.LLC

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