Vacation And Hotel Pet Care In Muncie Anderson Indianapolis

Do you love to travel, but hate to leave your pet at home?

Whether you are traveling to Muncie, Anderson or Indianapolis for business, pleasure or to relocate, Fido or Kitty will be more comfortable and you’ll be less stressed if you’re aware of some basics about hotel stays and pets.

Vacation and Hotel Pet Care In Muncie, Anderson, Indianapolis

Many hotels are now pet friendly. There are even websites dedicated to just this topic and they are available with a simple Google search. Three sites that I’m familiar with for finding pet friendly hotels are:

Go Pet Friendly

On a side note, Amy Burkert, the founder of Go Pet Friendly, was a speaker at our 2015 PetSittingOlogy Conference in Las Vegas. I really, REALLY admire her and her husband’s determination and their business model. Amy is a very down-to-earth, animal lover and is extremely passionate about making travel easier for pet parents. Check this site out first!!

Official Pet Hotels

Pets Welcome

If you are traveling to the Muncie, Indiana area, there are at least two hotels that are pet friendly: Super 8 and Holiday Inn.

But, what do you do with your pet while you go to that long meeting, wedding, reunion or Ball State football game? Most hotels really frown on leaving your pet in the hotel room while you are gone so that’s where WE come in to help.

What Is Hotel Pet Care?

sit-stay-play In-home pet sitting and more. LLC offers hotel pet care service just to address this exact need.This service is similar to in-home pet sitting and these are the types of things that occur during a hotel pet visit:

  • Your pet sitter can provide food and water
  • They’ll provide security so your pet feels safe
  • The sitter will give treats and toys
  • The sitter will take your dog outside for some fresh air and a walk
  • The sitter will clean up any messes that the dog (or cat or other pet) has made
  • They’ll give you a quick update and take photos so you can see how your pet is doing
  • Your sitter will help keep your dog quiet if he tends to bark a lot. Barking dogs in a hotel is one quick way to be asked to leave.

Make traveling to Muncie, Anderson or the Indianapolis area with your pet even MORE enjoyable by setting up a visit with the Sit-Stay-Play staff today. If desired, they are even available to travel with you to care for your pet while you are away! Rates for these services can be obtained by calling 765-744-5688 or by sending a message to this link.

Happy trails to all of our little fur buddies!

Kelley Stewart, CEO|Pet Sitter
sit-stay-play In-home pet sitting & more.LLC

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