Fear Not, We’re Here To Care For Your Pets

Are you afraid to leave your pet at a kennel in Muncie, Indiana?

Are you afraid to have someone come in your home to care for your pets?

If you said yes to either one of those questions then you’re in a sticky spot. We know you

Fear not, your dog and cat can stay safe and happy at home in Muncie, Yorktown and Anderson, Indiana.

love your dog and cat and you might feel like no one can take care of them like you. But if you continue to have that mindset you might as well cross off vacations, going out with friends after work, taking that cross country trip to visit your elderly parents and doing things that you’ve been putting off.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. Seriously, it doesn’t. Let us help you overcome that fear and take steps to learn to trust a professional pet care provider.

Here are some common fears people have with using a professional pet sitter:

  1. Pet sitter not showing up;
  2. Pet sitter being mean to my pet; and
  3. Pet sitter neglecting my pet.

These are legitimate concerns and would cause any pet parent stress and headache, however, our methods and policies ensure these things don’t happen, take a look at some tips and things we have in place to help you…

Fear #1: Pet Sitter Doesn’t Show Up

Our pet sitters double-check their schedules to make sure they know who they’re visiting everyday. They have a calendar on their phone and they’re in contact with the office after their visits. If the office doesn’t receive a message about their visit the office contacts them ASAP.

Your pets can be loved and cared for while you’re gone and you can stay updated so you know we were at your house.  You won’t have to worry about them while you’re gone (but understand if you do) and you can begin to live your life again – after all, it’s 2017, isn’t it time for a change?

Fear #2: Pet Sitter Being Mean To My Pet

We love pugs, poodles, pomeranians and even pit bulls at sit-stay-play. Book your professional pet care today!

Our dedicated pet care professionals will love your pets as if they were their pets. They’ll make sure they feel loved, that they eat and get plenty of water. They’ll make sure you are kept apprised while you’re away so your worries are minimized.

If you’re extremely worried about how your pet will be cared for, install a nanny cam or security system. Many of our clients have house alarms and house cameras. The only thing we ask is that you let us know you have them and if they record sound. Why would we want to know this? According to some state laws, it’s illegal to record sound without the other person’s knowledge. And, cameras can’t be put in every room, i.e. bathroom or bedroom, depending on state laws.

Fear #3: Pet Sitter Being Mean To My Pet

This is a legitimate concern and our pet sitters treat all of our clients with respect and kindness. The main thing we suggest is to watch how your pet acts when you arrive home after you’ve had a professional pet sitter care for them. They should act the same way they acted before. They’ll be excited to see you, their mom or dad, and will be happy to see the pet sitter again, too.

In closing, all we can do is give you our word and be as transparent about our services as possible. While we understand there is a level of trust that you have to have, we also have to trust that our clients will have faith in us.

If you’re tired of being stuck at home, tired of not being able to visit family out of town, tired of not taking vacations because you’re afraid to leave your pets, please call us at 765-744-5688; we’re here to help and take your fear away. We’ll do our best to follow your routine with your furbabies and to help the transition go smoothly.

Fill out the form below if you’re interested in talking to us about our professional pet care services.

Cities in Indiana that we work in include Muncie, Yorktown, Anderson, Hartford City, Albany, New Castle, Pendleton and Noblesville.