Fun Halloween Dog Costumes and Pet Nail Trims in Muncie

October is the month of Halloween costume contests, bonfires and candy collecting but at sit-stay-play, it’s the month for doggy costumes and selfies!

Yesterday was our monthly pet nail trim event at Muncie Rural King and several dogs came dressed in their Halloween best. Unfortunately I can’t post the pictures of the dogs that won the contest because their mom asked me to wait until after Halloween. She doesn’t want anyone stealing her ideas!

Dillon, the jumping bumblebee above, was bright and cheery…

And Bentley (the red lobster) was happy to be walking – and not swimming for his life in a pot of boiling water!

This cute purple spider rolled into Rural King in her Patty Wagon and let me trim her nails.

And this recently adopted weiner dog wasn’t too happy getting her nails clipped but we got it done – yay!

Our next event is at Muncie Tractor Supply, visit this link to check the date.

It’s also a costume contest so get creative and have some fun with us!

Stay safe,

Kelley Stewart, CEO|Pet Sitter

sit-stay-play In-home pet sitting & more.LLC

Providing dependable and compassionate Muncie animal care since 2008.

P.S. Here’s some Halloween tips to keep your dog safe this Halloween!

  1. Bring your dog inside a couple hours before the Halloween festivities start in your neighborhood.
  2. If you’re having a Halloween party, put your dog in a bedroom or other closed area so he doesn’t escape out the front or back door on accident.
  3. Make sure your dog is wearing a collar AND identification/microchip tag – with UPDATED and CURRENT contact information.
  4. Keep Halloween candy away from your dog.
  5. If you’re taking your dog with you as you stroll the neighborhood, make sure your dog’s collar is tight enough so it doesn’t slip off his head.
  6. Keep your dog on a SHORT leash if you’re outside with trick-or-treaters. It’s easier to keep control of your dog when he’s on a short leash.

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