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Wow! The Muncie Animal Shelter made it in the edition, all because of #Pokemon – how cool is that?!?

Shelters all over should try and tie in this trending game with their dog walking program but, safety can’t be forgotten.

Play PokemonGO and Help Walk the Dogs at Muncie Animal Shelter

Tips for #PokemonGO Dog Walkers

  • Always be aware of your surroundings – don’t zone out. Especially if a dog is joining you.
  • Always make sure the dog collar is attached snugly so it won’t slip off the dog’s head. You only want to chase the Pokemon, not the dog.
  • Don’t forget the poop sacks! Always clean up any dog poop along the way. You wouldn’t want Pokemon to walk through doggy doo, would you?
  • Always find out if the dog you’re walking has any behavior issues and if he’s dog-friendly. He might be skittish of little green monsters or four-legged ones that bark.
  • Be careful walking dogs on pavement, asphalt and concrete when it’s hot outside. Check the ground with the inside of your wrist. If it burns your skin after setting on the ground for 3 seconds, it’s too hot for the dog to walk on it.
  • Stay hydrated! Take water for you – and Fido.

Not into the #PokemonGO game? That’s ok, we’re kinda slow catching on with it too but we love the fact that it’s bringing attention to the Muncie Animal Shelter and shelters all over.

And who knows, maybe we’ll try it out and get some extra steps in with a new doggy friend in tow.

Go adopt; go Pokemon!

Update Thursday, July 14

This story has gone viral, VIRAL I say!

Here’s one article from Upworthy

Another from This Dog’s Life

Local story from WXIN Fox 59

BuzzFeed ran with it…

And the list is growing. Stay tuned!

I’d say the Muncie Animal Shelter is going to get some adoptions and new supporters out of this Pokemon madness.

Update Monday, July 18

Mark Zuckerberg, yes, THE Mark Zuckerberg, ya know, the guy from Facebook…is sending a film crew to the Muncie Animal Shelter to get a first hand look at the Pokemon craze that’s causing a stir in the pet – and gaming – community.

If you’re free today from 10am to 5:30pm, feel free to come out and see what’s going on.

We’ll be there with tablet in hand and umbrella in the other, ready to walk dogs and show our support.

Update Wednesday, July 20

Adoptions, adoptions, adoptions!

Take a look at this YouTube video we made while the Facebook film crew was at the shelter. Many of the doggies featured in this video have been adopted!

We’ll keep updating as the list grows but until then, remember to visit your local animal shelter and give a shelter pet a forever home.

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