Muncie Cat Sitter Gets Attacked By Fleas – Video

Imagine my shock when I walk into a house to do a cat sitting visit and my ankles immediately get attacked by fleas.

Better yet, imagine what the cats are going through who have to suffer from bite after bite and constant itching.

Flea season is here in Muncie, Indiana and other parts of the country live with these nasty things all year long. To make sure your cats and dogs don’t become a 24/7 buffet for fleas, they need to be on flea prevention.

Watch this short video that I recorded while I was in the midst of a flea attack…

Do you need help getting to the veterinarian to get flea medicine?

Do you need help applying the medicine once you purchase it?

Talk to your veterinarian, get the directions from them and if you still need assistance, give us a call at 765-744-5688. We can walk you through applying the medicine for a nominal fee.