So You’re Getting a New Pit Bull?

Pit bulls are in the news. Everywhere.

At the Hero Dog Awards recently, Bootzilla and Khalessi stole the show. These two gorgeous pitties had many people in tears over their remarkable journeys.

Many would have you believe that they’re monsters and should be euthanized immediately and banned. I disagree with both of these rationales and will give you some information about adoption and training, things to look for when you do adopt a new pittie.

so you're getting a new pit bull

So You’re Getting A New Pit Bull

This is the first article in our Pit Bull Series, we hope you find useful information here. Feel free to send us a message if you have any questions about your dog or if you want to book pet sitting services.

Any experienced pit bull parent can tell you adding one of these great dogs to your household is a very rewarding experience. Pitties are loyal, brave, stubborn, easily trainable (usually) and love to be with people.


They can test boundaries (like most dogs) and if you are a pushover with your kids, your boss or your spouse, you might think twice before adding a pittie to your pack. Pitties, like most dogs, require strong, consistent leadership by ALL members in the household. If one person fails to follow the rules established and the parameters set for the dog, then problems could occur down the road.

Speaking from experience, I wouldn’t trade my pitties for anything BUT it has been challenging — at times — to learn what to do, how to do it and where to do it. In saying that, years of pit bull guardianship and countless hours of training have given me the tools to be confidant to talk to you about some tips I’ve learned along the way.

Questions To Ask Yourself Before Adopting Any Dog, Especially A Pit Bull

  • What’s your motivation for adopting or rescuing a dog?
  • Do you have any history with this breed?
  • Are you comfortable learning how to be a confidant, calm and assertive leader?
  • Are you willing to educate yourself and other people about your bully?
  • Are you prepared to get weird looks by friends and family possibly?

Next, Where Did Your Puppy Or Dog Come From?

Did he or she come from a backyard breeder? Did you meet the parents? Did either one of the parents have aggressive tendancies, weird fears or behaviors? Was the puppy or dog socialized with kids and other animals before you adopted him? At what age was your puppy taken away from the mother and any siblings? If the puppy was younger than 8 weeks you might run into behavior issues as your puppy matures.

If you did NOT get your dog from a reputable breeder, and I’m not talking about your friends’ cousin selling pups on the side of the road for $50 each, then you might have a little more work cut out for you. I’m not trying to discourage you but I’m a realist and have seen the good, the bad and the ugly with pit bulls bought or gotten from ‘people down the road’ and from backyard breeders. Here’s some of the issues you might encounter…

Unknown Backgrounds

Dogs adopted or rescued with unknown backgrounds, unknown heritage and without proper socialization from birth to 12 weeks, more than likely will have ‘issues’ their guardian will need to work out and work on. Daily.

On a positive note, pit bulls and other dogs gotten from dog fighting rings, from abusive situations and from scrupulous breeders HAVE and continue to pass Canine Good Citizenship tests, they become Therapy Dogs with Therapy Dogs International,  narcotics dogs and police dogs…so, don’t be disheartened about the humble beginnings your dog may have had, but be realistic. His future could change in the hands of a loving, dedicated, educated guardian.

More To Come

Read part 2 and 3 where you’ll find more information about pit bulls, training and crate training. In the meantime, if you are a pit bull guardian and care to share your experiences, please do so on the form below. Thanks for reading, be sure to check back for more goodies!

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