So You’re Getting a New Pit Bull? Part 3

Here’s a brief run down of what I’ve already shared in earlier posts…

  1. Practice nothing in life is free with your new pibble or other dog. You are GOD. All good things come from you.
  2. Establish consistent rules for all dogs in household, more importantly, make sure EVERYONE in household practices this also.
  3. Crate train your pup.
  4. Practice leadership.
  5. Give ample potty breaks and walk consistently to build your bond.

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Now for the new stuff!

Positive Socialization Is Key

Get your new dog around all kinds of people. It might sound crazy but if you don’t start from day 1 your dog could get a little loco when confronted with someone new.

Take him around tall people, short people, dark-skinned people, light-skinned people, people with hats and glasses and beards. Keep it positive. Bring treats with you and reward your well behaved dog (don’t give him a treat when he’s jumping on people or acting C-R-A-Z-Y. Only give him treats when he’s a good boy.

Take your dog to the park, by the fire station. Take him to dog-friendly stores and near trains.

You want your dog to be used to every situation as possible.

so you're getting a new pit bull

So You’re Getting A New Pit Bull – Part 3

Dogs that are kept isolated in their homes are more likely to freak out in new situations, have negative behaviors develop and cause their guardians problems.

If you keep each situation you put your dog in positive, believe me, you’ll reap the benefits by having a well-adjusted dog. That’s what we all want!

Pit bulls especially need to be acclimated to all types of people. BUT…if your pibble is rowdy, obnoxious and doesn’t know how to control himself, then you should train him starting now. Don’t wait another day.

Obedience Train Your New Dog

so you're getting a new pit bull
Pit Bulls Should Know How To Sit, Wait, Walk Politely on Leash At Minimum

All dogs should know basic commands such as: sit, down, come, stay, wait, look and loose leash walking. Pit bulls should know these basic commands so they’re well-behaved in public. Pitties already have a stigma and having one that pulls on the leash horribly leads to more of that stigma. Any dog that jumps on people and invades peoples’ space should be trained, regardless of the breed.

Old dogs CAN learn new tricks so don’t let your pups age discourage you. With positive reinforcement, most if not all dogs can learn good training.

If you need help teaching your dog to walk on leash politely, give us a call or visit our website, we’d love to help you.

Keep Your Dogs Separated While You’re Gone

I spoke about this in post #2 but it’s good to reiterate it here.

You might wonder why I encourage keeping your dogs separated while you’re gone so think about it for a minute…

If you bring a new dog into your home and a scuffle would break out while you’re gone, what do you think will happen? Who would start the scuffle? You don’t know. That’s why we suggest keeping them separated and be crate trained. The crate is a perfect spot for him to hang out while you’re working, shopping or even working in the yard. Don’t get lax and think, “It’ll be alright, I’m only gonna be gone for half an hour.” I’ve seen squabbles break out in less time than that and I want to give you all the tools necessary for you to be able to keep your dogs FOREVER.

Know What Makes Your Dogs Tick

Learn their body language. Know what toys are the best and who likes what. Learn who likes to lay where and if squirrels or people walking by your house could cause one of your babies to go bonkers. The more you learn the more you will be able to predict and curtail any misadventures and squabbles. Keep toys picked up while you’re gone. Keep any trigger items up and out of reach.

ME Time Even In A Pack

so you're getting a new pit bull
Take Your Pit Bull To Community Events And Get Him Around Lots Of Different People And Noise

Each dog deserves and WANTS to have one on one time with you. It’s nice to share but it’s also really nice to get all the love! Give them that time each day if possible. Take one out to the mailbox or for a short car ride around the block. You’ll build a better bond with your pal thereby decreasing the possibility that he’ll end up in a shelter or out on the street somewhere.

Changing Times

When dogs age, their personalities can change. Be aware of this. They can get cranky in their old age much like us humans. Maybe your pal was a gregarious goof ball when he used to go to the dog park, now, he hangs out close to you and growls a little when a dog comes close. Take this into consideration and be prepared to adjust your training and living situation if possible.

Last Minute Info

We provide pet sitting, dog walking, basic obedience training and other pet care services. If you EVER need help with your new dog or other pets, please give us a call. Our services are designed to benefit everyone and we DON’T discriminate on dog breeds. All dogs deserve to be treated equally and that’s exactly what we do.

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