Flat Boston and Pit Bull Awareness Day 2014

Who loves pit bulls?

If you do you’ll love my latest Pit Bull awareness promotion I’m doing while I’m traveling to California and Vegas for my annual #PetSittingOlogy conference.

Before I started this journey I was thinking of something fun I could do to document my trip.  Lots of things came to mind and then i thought about the Flat Stanley media blitz that was popular awhile ago. I didn’t really follow Flat Stanley but like the idea.

So the night before my trip I ran to Kinko’s, browsed through all my USB’s and found a good picture of my boy,  Boston.

Boston is an 8 year old, brindle pit bull mix. I adopted him when he was about 10 weeks old and he’s been a good role model for other dogs that have passed through my house and he’s a great ambassador for the pit bull breed. Boston has changed many minds about bullies.

After enlarging and cutting out the picture I then laminated it. It turned out great!


Flat Boston’s first adventure was at the Indianapolis airport.

Then we flew to the Detroit Metropolitan Airport and I snapped this picture in front of the service dog/pet area sign.

Our next stop will be Vegas. We’ll hop in a rental car and drive to San Bernadino, California to pick up a pet sitting colleague, Nancee Laetiticia-Marin.  We’ll drive to Los Angeles and she’ll show me around and we’ll take some fun pictures with Flat Boston.  Stay tuned for up dates!


Update: I wrote this article 2 years ago. Boston is no longer with us. I had to euthanize him , Jan. 11, 5 days after his diagnosis of IMHA or immune mediated hemalytic anemia. RIP sweet boy, momma loves you.

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