Dealing With a Deceased Pet

How do you deal with a pet that has died?

Do you have them cremated or bury them in your yard? Or at a pet cemetery? Do you let the veterinarian take care of things?


Dealing With A Deceased Pet

Just as you experience grief in dealing with a human loss, pet loss brings grief as well. And remember that every person has their own path in having from a loss like this.

Some people like to place a headstone, statue, flowers or other object on their pets final resting spot while others will plant a flower or tree in a spot the pet loved to sunbathe in.

The picture above shows a dog statue and freshly turned soil. Below ground, my dog Pepper, who passed in February 2014, my dog Bear Bear, who passed in December 2013 and a little baby mouse that I bottle fed joined them.

This final resting place is in a place in the backyard that already was home to another one of my dogs. This little pet cemetery will eventually be a nice landscaped, Zen-like area but in the meantime, it’s a spot that causes me to pause and remember my sweet babies. Angel, Pepper, Bear Bear and the mousey all hold special places in my heart and I’ll always remember them.

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Many of our Muncie pet sitting clients have depended on its to help in these dire situations.

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