So You Want to Be a Pet Sitter, Take This Quiz This First

Are you looking for a pet sitting job or pet care job in Muncie, Anderson, Indianapolis or any towns near these? We might be able to help you!

Working as a pet sitter or pet care provider isn’t a profession that everyone is cut out for. Not everyone can handle So you want to be a pet sitter in Muncie?poop, vomit, dogs that pull on leash, cats that want to climb up your legs, stinky litter boxes, nasty pee saturated carpet or houses who could use a deep cleaning.

Surprisingly, it’s not only wealthy people in Muncie or Anderson who use pet sitters and dog walkers; it’s the average Joe’s working 9-5 in Indianapolis and people living on social security. There’s lots of nuances and situations which force you to use your best judgment.

Common sense is essential for any pet sitter to be successful.

Things aren’t always black and white and there’s more than one way (usually) to accomplish what you need to do.  Going further, there’s more than one way to walk a  dog. Do you use a slip lead or retractable leash? Do you use a choke chain, martingale collar, gentle leader or harness?

Everyone can clean a cat litter box and feed and water pets, right?

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to perform those duties does it?

For those of us they DO work in this profession, we find it stimulating, challenging, rewarding and fun and we know it DOES take a smart, flexible, creative, patient and assertive person to be able to handle everything that comes our way.

So You Want To Be A Pet Sitter, Why?

People who love animals can find joy and financial success if they join sit-stay-play as a pet care provider.

We’re expanding to all counties in Indiana including Marion, Henry, Randolph, Delaware, Jay, Madison and Hendricks. We have opportunities for people that just want to walk dogs, care for farm animals or provide pet sitting services for dogs, cats, birds, fish and other pets inside the home. We also have positions in all of these counties in the MARKETING area. These positions are super flexible and just requires you to have a mode of transportation and the ability to share the business information that we provide, once a week usually.

Before we bring new team members on board I like to get a feel for how they’ll handle themselves in certain situations, situations similar to what I’ve got myself into, sometimes by accident, sometimes from my forgetfulness and other times by no fault of my own.

These are the situations that cause me to pause and rethink this profession and who I want to bring onto my team.

Since sit-stay-play is expanding and I have goals to take my pet sitting business all over Indiana I’ve compiled a list of things that might happen while you’re on the job with sit-stay-play. Now not all of these things have happened to me or my team mates, thank goodness, but regardless, we’re prepared for the unseen. Being prepared for any challenge is the first step to being successful in any profession.

Read on to see our list of situations you might encounter, things you will have to deal with in your pet care job, things you don’t want to deal with and other situations that might cause you to think, “Do I really want to do this work?

So You Want To Be A Pet Sitter, Take This Quiz

1. You just got home after finishing your last pet sitting visit for the evening and you don’t remember if you locked the client’s front door, which is 15 minutes away from you. Do you?:

A. Drive back to the client’s house and double-check.
B. Second guess yourself and say, “Yep, I know I locked it.”
C. Forget about it because you know you’ll be back there in the morning.

2. You just walked into a client’s house and notice the sliding patio door is wide open and pets are gone. What do you do?:

A. Call the client to ask if there was a reason the door was left open.
B. Call Kelley Stewart to ask what she would do.
C. Walk around the house and make sure the pets aren’t hiding.

3. This question is for the females…It’s that time of the month and you are bloated, have a headache, have PMSand generally just feel like poop. You have 5 dog walking clients scheduled today and walking dogs is the last thing you want to do. What would you do?:

A. Take some PMS medicine and pull up your big girl panties.
B. Call Kelley Stewart or another member on our team to see if someone else can take the jobs.
C. Call the clients and cancel the visits.

4. It’s winter and your car won’t start. You have multiple pet sitting visits scheduled for the day and you don’t have a back up vehicle. What do you do?:

A. Call a friend, Kelley Stewart or a team mate to be your driver for the day.
B. Call AAA or other car repair place to come out and jump your battery.
C. Call the client and cancel the visits.

5. You arrive at a client’s house and realize the dog is laying on the floor unresponsive. What do you do?:

A. Check the dog’s breathing, make sure he’s alive.
B. Call the emergency vet listed on the client form.
C. Call the client.

6. You arrive at a client’s house and find a person lounging on the couch, watching TV. The client didn’t tell you anyone would be at their house. What would you do?:

A. Introduce yourself and ask for their name, ask how they got in the home and contact Kelley Stewart.
B. Check the client paperwork to see if there’s any notation about a guest being there.
C. Call the police and tell them you’re the pet sitter and there’s a person in the client’s home that doesn’t have permission to be there.

7. You are walking a new dog and you remember that in the client file it said, in bold face letters, “Dog doesn’t like kids and will BITE.” A woman and child are walking towards you on the street and the child starts running up to the dog. The dog starts growling, what do you do?:

A. Speak loudly and say, “I’m sorry, you can’t pet the dog. He’s afraid of children.”
B. Walk to the other side of the road.
C. Keep on walking and pray that the dog doesn’t bite. There’s no way he’ll bite that little girl!

8. You have a cat sitting visit and of the 5 cats in the house, only 3 can be found. You’ve looked everywhere but there’s no sign of the cats. This is your first first and the client’s just left yesterday. What do you do?:

A. Look at the client forms and see if they listed the cat hiding places.
B. Call the clients and tell them which cats are present and where you’ve looked for the hidden ones.
C. Put tuna out to lure the cats out of hiding.

9. You arrive at a client’s house and your key doesn’t work in the front door. You try the key in the garage door and also the back door but you’re locked out. What do you do?:

A. Call Kelley Stewart to see if she has a back-up key.
B. Check client file and see if there’s a notation about key being hidden outside.
C. Call the client.
D. Call a locksmith.

 10. When you’re leaving a client’s house the senior doggie sneaks out behind you and takes off down the road. He’s a diabetic fella and gets two insulin shots a day. What would you do?:

A. Grab a leash and call the dog, hoping he comes to you.
B. Get in your car and get ahead of him, stop the car and try to lure him inside.
C. Call Kelley Stewart and other team members to help catch the dog.
D. Ask the neighbors to help.

Well, how’d you do? Did you scratch your head and slightly panic while reading these scenarios?

Could you picture yourself in these situations?

Could you see yourself acting rationally and logically if you were ever faced with any one of these hypothetical situations?

Like I said earlier, there’s more than one way to handle a situation but a person with common sense, the ability to think well under pressure and a person with a ‘take charge’ attitude would probably handle themselves great in these situations.

Types of People We’re Looking For

The ideal pet sitter or pet care provider would be flexible and independent. They should be able to think on their feet and be an animal lover.

An ideal candidate will have another source of income, even temporarily, while building up their workload with sit-stay-play.

Go-getters should apply.

Multi-taskers should apply.

People with veterinary experience should apply.

People that are starting their next phase of life as an empty-nester or retiree should apply.

sit-stay-play is looking to expand to all counties in Indiana (specifically Delaware, Henry, Randolph, Marion, Jay, Hamilton, Hendricks, Boone, Hancock, Tipton, Shelby, Porter and La Porte) so if you’re reading this and know that there’s not another pet care company that provides the services we provide, contact me. This would be a HUGE opportunity for you.

How Working With Us Can Help You

You can work with an established pet care company, one that has great SEO, a great reputation, great marketing skills and knowledge to help you succeed. Are you a people person? We’ll work on finding a place where you can be an asset working with people. Are you a behind the scenes type of person or one who likes data entry and writing? We have positions you can flaunt your strengths in. We want you to succeed, so we’ll succeed.  And best of all…you’ll have the expertise of others in the industry so you’re not trying to do it alone.

sit-stay-play In-home pet sitting & more.LLC is going places and we’d like to have go-getters join our team and go with us. Will you join us?

Thanks for reading,

Kelley Stewart, CEO|Pet Sitter
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