Vehicle Advertising for Pet Sitting Business Sneak Peek


Eye-catching and colorful graphics are being installed on my business vehicle this week.

The installation is being done in two phases and so far, I’m thrilled with the results.

My rear van window, driver and passenger door panels and 4 single window graphics will be applied early next week.

Making the decision to have your business information all out in the public eye like this might be intimidating for some individuals; however, I’m not one of those people and I want people to see what I do and I want for people to contact me if they have pets.

It’s 2014 and some people STILL haven’t heard of pet sitting services which I think is unreal but hey, that’s quite alright. It gives all of us pet sitters more motivation to get out there and start spreading the word…

Now some people might be concerned that having a vehicle that advertises what we do would be a safety concern for our clients but I’ve found the opposite is true. I’ll discuss that in another article.

I just wanted to share a picture and give you a sneak peek as to how my van will look after all the graphics are installed.

I’m super excited and am looking forward to the new clients we’ll be able to help. Many people don’t use the internet or don’t know how to google search alternatives to pet care. Hopefully they’ll see my van and give me a call! Fingers crossed 🙂

And hey, here’s a shameless plug: sit-stay-play provides a responsible alternative to boarding. We provide pet sitting, dog walking, farm sitting, poop scooping, wedding & event pet care and overnight pet care. Our services are available in Muncie, east central Indiana, South Bend and Michiana. Give us a call or visit our web site at Thanks!!