Gratitude From A 2-Legged Chihuahua


If I could get into Sonny’s mind and learn what he’s thankful for, I would imagine he’d say these things:

1. He’d say thank you to the nice family that kept him and his sister, Maddie, the 3 days before he met me;

2. He’d say thank you to Amanda for finding me and asking if I’d help find them a home;

3. He’d say thank you to me for sharing their story and letting people know that dogs with two legs need love and not abandoned;

4. He’d say thank you to me for treating him with kindness and not sympathy;

5. He’d say thank you to his new dog brothers and cats because they snuggle and okay with him. He’s jot alone and scared, he’s with a family that loves him;

6. Sonny would say thank you to the Star Press for taking pictures and sharing his story;

7. He’d say thank you to all the individuals that have donated funds for his medical needs and wheelchair;

8. He’d say thank you to Susan Olds for her generous gift in memory of her husband;

9. Sonny would say thank you to Ruff Rollin’ for making his wheelchair; and lastly,

10. He’d say thank you to God for letting him be born. He enjoys life, gives love, receives love, makes people laugh and encourages people that don’t look like everyone else.

Gratitude is a great thing and again, if Sonny could speak these are just some of the things he’d probably say.

From my heart I want everyone that has contributed any amount to know that your generosity hasn’t gone unnoticed. Donors that earmarked their donation for Sonny and Maddie was split between the two puppies. The two have enough funds available to cover their spay or neuter, their flea meds and/heartworm preventative for several months and vaccinations.

Sonny wouldn’t have his wheelchair today if it weren’t for the kindness of strangers, friends, family and some of our pet sitting clients.

FYI: Stay tuned for Monday’s newspaper…there’s supposed to be another article about him đŸ™‚