Six Missing Dogs Died of Heat Stroke

I’m sharing a story I came across today published by Langley Times. My heart goes out to the owners of the dogs. I can’t begin to imagine how they’re dealing with this betrayal and loss. RIP sweet dogs.

Let this be a good reminder that there all all kinds of people starting dog walking and pet sitting businesses and some have no business taking care of animals.

Please take heart knowing that our dog walkers and pet sitters at SIT-STAY-PLAY would never leave dogs in a vehicle with the windows cracked, let alone leave our charges let unattended in a vehicle.

Vehicles heat up super quickly especially when they’re sitting in complete sun and occupied by numerous pets.

Please don’t leave your pets in your vehicle when it’s warmer outside and please do your homework before your hire a dog walker.

Go with a reputable company, a referral from a friend or a company from Angie’s List. Stay away from individuals posting ads on bulletin boards at grocery stores and Craigslist unless they are INSURED. Ask if they’re insured. Ask if they work for a pet care company.

Your dog’s life could be at stake.

SIT-STAY-PLAY has an excellent reputation, excellent referrals and hundreds of happy clients. Call us if you need help and please read the article below.