USA TODAY: Pups find their way on 2 legs

We made the USA TODAY newspaper!

Here’s the article. A link is shared at the end also.

Pups find their way on 2 legs

MUNCIE, Ind. — The owner of a dog care business didn’t know that a call she received about a couple of puppies that were dumped at a friend’s house would turn into her being the owner of a special needs dog. Kelley Stewart, owner of Sit-Stay-Play in Muncie, Ind., took care of the two puppy Chihuahuas that were born with no front legs. She posted on Facebook that the two-legged pups needed homes, and Jalen Duncan quickly called dibs on one of them. Before long, Stewart realized she couldn’t part with the other one, and named him Sonny. “I was concerned about my other two dogs,” Stewart said of her pit bulls. “They are big babies, but they are so much bigger than Sonny. My cats are bigger than the Chihuahuas.”
Sonny is still looking for his wheels and if you’d like to contribute any funds, we’ d appreciate it so much.

I’ll share pictures of how he does with the whole wheelchair process so stay tuned, Sonny will be rolling in the near future!

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