Use Press Releases to Promote Your Event

Business owners on a shoestring advertising budget can use the local newspapers to help promote your event.

How do you do this? First, the layout is important. Press releases follow a simple format for publishing purposes. Use 1 inch margins and single spacing. Your contact info goes in the top left. The headline should be catchy and every word Should Be Capitalized. Spacing is important as well. You can including several paragraphs but skip a line between each one. Each paragraph can have 3-4 sentences.

Information in each paragraph follows a set of parameters as well.

(Muncie, IN) First paragraph, should be catchy, give most of the important details and your city name should be first. Notice the beginning of this paragraph?

Second paragraph can go into depth a little more. Take out useless words to cut down on length. Your last paragraph can give information about you, your business, contact info, web site and email.

The finale comes with hash tags, ###. At the end if your last paragraph, use hash tags, centered, to tell the audience the article is finished (example at end of this paragraph). I also include a cute picture that represents the event at the bottom, below the hashtags.  My logo goes at the top on the right side directly across from my contact information.


There you have it. Directions on how to write a press release! If you decide to go this route for your next event, hop online and look for newspapers from all of your surrounding counties. Send a brief email and attach your press release as a PDF.

Have you done this before? Has it brought a good response? Tell me in the comment section.

Click the link below to read our press release.