Muncie Children Will Learn Dog Safety Basics at Woods Edge Apartments

http://www.munciepetsitter.comBeing an asset to the community is one of the things we strive to do at sit-stay-play. Personally, I feel that if a business or service isn’t something positive and necessary for their community then something isn’t right. We’re here to give back and try to leave this world a better place than what we found it, so…we try to do this in various ways.

We work with individuals that can’t afford to have their dog or cat spayed or neutered. We donate to local charities and organizations such as Red Cross, Salvation Army, United Way and Habitat for Humanity. We donate our time and talents by talking to children and adults about pet safety.

On April 17, we’ll be hosting a Dog Safety Seminar at Woods Edge Apartments starting at 6:30. It’s open to the public and children and adults are welcome to come.

Children and adults will learn how to safely greet a new dog and things you CAN do to make your dog and your family be more compatible with each other. We’ll talk about compassion and respect for animals and give children some tools they’ll need to feel safe and confidant with dogs. We’ll talk about dog body language and give you examples of what certain behaviors mean.

Animal abuse is at an all-time high and compassion education is what we’re all about. If we can plant the seed into a young person’s life about compassionate living for dogs and all animals, then we’ve done our job. If we can help prevent one child from being bit by their dog, we’ve done our job. If we can help save one dog from being tormented and abused by one child, we’ve done our job. That’s what we’re here to do: educate about dog safety and encourage compassionate behavior around animals.

Join us on April 17 at Woods Edge Apartments! Would you like us to speak at your event? Click here to contact us.

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