Hi, This is Kelley From Sit-Stay-Play, How May I Help You?

People often ask me how they go about setting up services with and usually it starts with a phone call. Before the call, hopefully our potential client has visited our web site to make sure our services fit their needs but if not, I’m glad to go over everything with them on the phone. Below is a typical conversation and procedure that happens when a new client calls us to set up a pet sitting appointment…

The phone rings. I smile and answer the phone, saying my normal greeting.

The woman on the end of the line asks me about our pet sitting services.

I ask her what type of pet she has and she has one cat and one dog.

I proceed to ask her more precise questions about her pets, such as: their routines, their diets, their health, their potty habits, their friendliness to each other, family and strangers.

Upon hearing her answers I suggest our overnight pet care services plus daily visits because her little dog is elderly and has incontinence problems. Rather than leaving the little fella to sleep alone all night, he could have a friendly sitter with him so he can go outside frequently to potty and during the day, we can stop by to feed him and the kitty, plus give a much needed potty break.

The caller thanks me for talking to her about this service because she was unaware that we provide overnight pet care.

I send the caller preliminary pet care forms and once those are completed, she calls me back to set up the free initial consultation.

Upon arrival at her home, the little dog runs out to greet me and the kitty is in the front window, sizing me up and down.

I introduce myself and the client introduces herself and her pets. The dog jumps on my lap as soon as I sit down!

We chat briefly about her pets, their routine and she asks me questions about how long I’ve been in business (almost 6 years) and if I’m insured (of course).

We review her completed forms and finish up the paperwork.

She takes me on a tour of the house and shows me where pet supplies are kept..

I see the normal hiding spots and she shows me where the main water shut off valve, circuit breaker and flashlights are kept. All important things for her new pet sitter to know!

She hands me her house keys, we shake hands, I pat the dog and say bye to the kitty.

Our new client is happy, satisfied, relieved and at peace with leaving her pets and her home in our care.

Her vacation goes off without a hitch, her little dog and cat are safe, happy and healthy. I send the client two pictures and several texts while she’s on her vacation just so she knows her babies are in good hands.

Client arrives home to a dog that has stayed comfortable and on his same routine. The kitty has had a clean litter box and plenty of playtime with her new friend.


This was just an example of how most of our phone calls, then consultations, then visits actually go. Smooth transition from one to another. Most pet parents want their pets taken care of and comfortable but just aren’t sure what services we provide, what we do, how affordable it can be and the BENEFITS of having us care for their pet.

If you have a pet and want compassionate and dependable pet care, we’d be happy to talk to you.

Contact us by calling 765-744-5688 or by sending an email to kelley@sit-stay-play.com.

Have a good day,

Kelley Stewart
sit-stay-play In-home pet sitting & more.LLC
“Your pet sitting, dog walking, poop scooping specialists!”

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