Two Dogs Enjoying the River | Video

Tyson, an American Bull Dog & Pit Bull mix and Dillon, a Terrier mix, became best friends on the river.

But first,  a little back story:

Tyson was horribly aggressive with other dogs prior to coming to live with me.

It took me about 6 months of constantly working with him, addressing good behavior and reshaping negative behavior and bad associations.

This was the first dog he met and you can see that he has NO problems.

Dillon’s mom, Leah, was extremely patient with me and my fears. I’m grateful that she trusted Tyson enough to allow him to be face-to-face with my boy.

On a side note: I chose the song, “Shackles”, for the reason that I let my shackles down per se when we introduced the dogs, and Tyson, he really let go of the past, what was holding him back from being a great dog and just enjoyed the day. He swam, he ran, he snuggled — all with Dillon, and that encourages me and made my heart happy. He was a DOG!!

Kelley Stewart
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