Check Out Blocky Dogs for Your Next Collar Purchase

Powerful dogs require collars and leashes that hold up and stay on and Blocky Dogs rises to the occasion. People with bully breeds, Schutzhund, working dogs, dogs with high prey drive or large dogs like Great Danes or Mastiffs should really check out Blocky Dogs.

People often buy cheap collars from a big box store or local pet store only to have the collar loosen up and not stay fastened securely. Other times the collar buckle or fastener might break or the D ring comes off. Not good when you’re working your dog or need to keep a secure grip on him.

I came across Blocky Dogs back in 2006 and wanted to get a collar for my girl, Angel. I never did get around to ordering one from their web site but I’m still a big fan of this company and encourage you to check it out if you’re looking for a strong and durable collar for your dog. Several friends of mine have ordered fancy collars for their bullies through them and they’re pretty impressive.

Blocky Dogs is great because of all the customization available. Add a name or phone number, or both. Add reflective stripes to collar so it’s easily seen when light hits it. Whatever you want, I’m sure you can have made. The dual grip (on right) is a must if you need total control over your dog and the flat collar and  D-above buckle collar are great choices for most other dogs.

The owner of this company is a huge pit bull and powerful dog fan and we’re huge pit bull fans here at sit-stay-play so we’re happy to promote this Ohio company.

If you’ve bought products from Blocky Dogs, let us know and share some pictures, we’d love to see your dog sporting his or her fancy collar.


Kelley Stewart|CEO & Pet Sitter
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