The Best Pet Sitters in Muncie, Indiana

Being a pet parent, I want the best people to take care of my dogs, cats and rats when I go out of town. I also want people that are competent enough to be able to handle any pet emergency or household emergency that might arise. I want pet sitters who take their job seriously and understand how important my pets are to me. I want a pet sitter who asks the right questions and has me fill out paperwork about my pets. Following up with my questions and inquiring about my pets’ likes/dislikes, fears, hiding places are also things that are important to me, a pet parent.

Our sitters here at sit-stay-play ARE competent to take care of my pets, as well as yours, and they have a proven track record of excellent, compassionate pet care.

Here’s a few pet sitting examples I know about first-hand that has happened in our company:

One of our pet sitters handled an emergency where a dog had gotten into his mom’s ibuprofen and migraine medicine. Without her quick action, the dog could’ve died. In fact, the dog DID stay at the vet’s office for two days because his liver and kidneys started to shut down. He made a full recovery and his mom was so grateful that our sitter knew what to do in that situation.

During one of her visits, a pet sitter noticed the cat hadn’t been peeing very much so she called the owner then took the cat to the vet. The kitty had a urinary tract infection and needed antibiotics immediately. If she hadn’t been checking the litter box and seen that the box was relatively clean, the cat would’ve suffered needlessly.

Another one of our pet sitters saw that one of the dogs in her care needed immediate attention because he had torn the bandage off his head and ear after a recent surgery. She was unable to reattach the bandage and wanted to make sure he didn’t injure himself prior to her visit.

I can share numerous other stories about how our pet sitters go above and beyond to help keep your pets safe and happy but this article is to also highlight other pet sitters in our community.

Pawsitive Pet Care is one pet care company that services Muncie and some of the surrounding counties. After a google search, nothing pulled up and I couldn’t find any information online but see their ad in the newspaper constantly.

Duke’s Dad Pet Sitting has been around a while and services Muncie and the Yorktown area. Again, I couldn’t find any information about Duke’s Dad but do know the owner, John Stephenson, and know him to be a trustworthy individual. I met Mr. Stephenson at a dog walking event last summer and we spoke at great length about our businesses.

Daisy Mae Pet Care is owned by Nikki Kirby and her husband, Chris. Nikki is well-known in the animal community and started Daisy Mae Pet Rescue years ago and recently added pet sitting to her repertoire. Her web site is Nikki is very trustworthy and provides pet care in the Albany, Dunkirk and Muncie area.

There are other pet sitters out there. I see their ads on craigslist and on facebook. I know several vet techs that provide pet sitting on the side as well but chose not to mention them in this article. If someone really wants to start a pet sitting company then they’ll make the effort to learn how to do it, then they’ll start the company, they’ll promote it and it will be a success. People that operate a little pet sitting business out of their home without insurance or the proper business knowledge will not succeed and will fall by the way side eventually.

My recommendation to you is to research the company and the person representing themselves as a pet sitter. In this day and age, I wouldn’t trust anyone to come into my home unless they came with a good track record, excellent references, a reputable web presence, consistency in their business and a good vibe. You know what I mean by a good vibe. If you get a bad feeling about a potential pet sitter, don’t hire them! Trust your gut and do your research.

Have a good day,

Kelley Stewart
CEO|Pet Sitter
sit-stay-play In-home pet sitting & more.LLC
“Your pet sitting, dog walking, poop scooping specialists!”
Serving Muncie and east central Indiananbsp;

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