Meet Atticus, A Cute Little Great Dane Puppy

Meet Atticus.

This gorgeous little 7-week old Great Dane puppy was adopted by one of our client’s recently and we had the pleasure of puppy sitting him for three days while his new mom and dad went out of town.

Atticus had a lot of fun while at my house.

He played with my cats and dog, scroll down and take a look at his adventures.

Atticus the great dane puppy

Lovey was Atticus’ first friend. She loves anyone who will show her attention.

Lovey the catBear Bear was having a little heart-to-heart with him in this picture.

Atticus repeatedly tried to nurse on her and finally she had to put her foot down and stop all that nonsense.

101_6217Gooty showed Atticus how to act like a cat. They jumped and chased the feather toy.

Gooty even showed him how to hide in a box and pounce on the feather when it got close.

puppy and cat playingWhile Atticus and Gooty were playing, Lovey found the nice, comfy crate that was in the back room.

Atticus didn’t mind. He hopped right in, curled up with her and started licking her head.

101_6219After the lovefest was over, Atticus came over to me and got into his favorite position.

101_6199Once he started falling asleep, I shooed Lovey out of his crate, he snuggled back in and took a little nap.

101_6188If you need a puppy sitter, we can help. For current clients, we offer boarding services. We can also make multiple visits to your home (in case you don’t want to go the boarding route). Your pet will be fed, watered, exercised, given love and attention. We can even give medication and provide overnight pet care if your baby requires extra special TLC.

To schedule an appointment, call 765-744-5688 or send an email or visit our web site.

Our services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and we provide care to Muncie and all of east central Indiana.

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