Bride, Groom and a Pretty Pup

The Muncie Bridal Show is coming back to the Horizon Center this Sunday, January 26. Brides and future brides should definitely check this out, it’s worth the $6 entry fee.

Things to check out:

  • Stop by all the caterers that will have samples of cakes and cupcakes on hand;
  • Check out the fashion show which will showcase bridal gown and tuxedo styles for 2014;
  • Visit the photographer booths and see what type of package deals they can give you;
  • Talk to the hairstylists who will be on hand. You can book your wedding hair and make-up early; and
  • Talk to the event planners to see how they can help you plan your wedding and reception.

Did you know that your dog can join you in your wedding? If Fido is your best friend and you’d like him to carry the ring or join you for the wedding pictures, sit-stay-play can help provide wedding pet care so you can rest easy knowing that your best friend is in good hands while you’re celebrating with friends and family.

Your Wedding Pet Care Attendant can bring your dog to the wedding venue for practice or run-thoughs, she can take your dog home after and on the big day, she can pick you dog up at your home and keep him happy and quiet until he needs to make an appearance. After he does his part in the wedding, after-party or pictures, your dog can be taken home if you wish or kept at the venue. The Wedding Attendant will make sure your dog eats, potties and drinks plenty of water during your big day.

Bride, groom and pretty pup can all share the remarkable day with the help of sit-stay-play.

Another big bonus of working with sit-stay-play for your wedding pet care is the fact that your Wedding Attendant can travel with you on your honeymoon if you want your dog to join you.

While you’re out taking a dip in the ocean or soaking up the sun on the beach, your dog can have his very own pet sitter to take him on walks, make sure he’s happy then bring him to you when you’re ready for some puppy love.

Want to talk to us about our wedding pet care services? Click here. We’d love to make your once in a lifetime day that much better by being your dog’s caretaker on your wedding day or honeymoon.


Kelley Stewart

CEO|Pet Sitter

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