Help! The Dog Ate Ibuprofen!

Recently one of our newest pet sitters was scheduled to do a routine dog walk while I (Kelley) was in Las Vegas for a PetSittingOlogy convention.

While I was listening to one of the presenters, the pet sitter called me and since I’m such a good student (ha ha), my phone was on vibrate. I texted back, ‘if it’s an emergency, text me.’

Within 30 seconds a text came back that said, “DOG ATE MEDICINE!” sick dogI rushed out of the conference and called the sitter immediately. She advised me that this dog had made a HUGE mess inside the home, what a way to break in a new pet sitter! Half-eaten CD and DVD cases littered the floor and several kitchen utensils were chewed on or had pieces missing. I’ll spare you with the nasty details of the rest, but suffice it to say, he relieved himself all over the beige carpet, from both ends. Mr. Dog removed the caps from the ibuprofen and exedrin migraine medicine bottles. Guess one bottle wasn’t enough. Only small particles of pills were on the floor so the pet sitter didn’t know how much he swallowed.

As soon as we finished talking, she called the clients and left a voice mail. She waited about 5 minutes and didn’t get a response so she texted, several times.

Eventually the sitter called back and told me that she was rushing the dog to the vet and the clients would meet her there. Her quick actions saved Mr. Dog’s life. Now I mentioned earlier she was one of our newest pet sitters, but this was actually her first client! I was pretty impressed with how she handled herself. She stayed calm, made excellent decisions and didn’t panic. She actually was acting way calmer than I was and I was in Vegas!

Once at the vet, Mr. Dog’s stomach was emptied, he was put on an IV and stayed overnight. The vet determined that Mr. Dog would be alright so he was sent home the next day.

On the third day at home, Mr. Dog started acting strangely. He was lethargic and had to pee every 5 minutes, totally out of the norm for this dog who had a bladder made of stone. His parents rushed him to the vet to find out his kidneys and liver were shutting down. He actually died twice while on the exam table but thank goodness they revived his lifeless body.

What was thought to be taken care of the first time he was at the vet wasn’t. The lingering affects of the combination of pills threw his body for a loop and taxed his organs.

Now, two months later, with medicine and sporadic trips back to the vet, he’s healthier than ever and we’re lucky he’s still with us today.

Without the pet sitter’s quick response, and then Mr. Dog’s parents quick response, this boy would’ve been a goner.

The lesson of this story is that some dogs will get into anything available. Especially medicine if it’s within their reach so always, always keep things up out of their reach, even if it’s a dog that NEVER gets into things.

Have you ever had a dog eat strange things or harmful medicines in your home? What was the outcome?

Have you ever had a dog chew through a crate, eaten a door or maybe even drywall to get out of a room? I haven’t, thank God! The most damage I’ve had done by a dog has been destroyed pillows and couch cushions. Oh, and the occasional bodily fluid mess on the carpet. Think I’ve been pretty lucky in that area, hope you have too!

Our pet sitters are experienced with a wide-variety of animals and situations, even our newest pet sitter had the knowledge to handle this situation with professionalism. Please give us a call at 765-744-5688 if you’d like to set up pet care services.

We provide pet care 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our service area is Muncie and east central Indiana, other areas by special request.

Talk soon!

Kelley Stewart
CEO|Pet Sitter
sit-stay-play In-home pet sitting & more.LLC

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