Life at the County Fair

Most children of the baby boomer generation in Muncie and Delaware County grew up going to the Delaware County Fair. Some of us were icindyshowingsheepn 4-H and took our livestock, our dogs, our woodworking and entomology projects to exhibit in the 4-H portion of the fair.  Others came for the rides, the food, the demolition derby or maybe the high school band contest.  The fair takes place in July every year and for some reason, every year at fair time, the weather is about as hot as it can get and a big thunderstorm usually rolls through to make the fairgrounds a big sloppy mess.

Meanwhile, through all the heat and thunderstorms, the livestock at the fair are kept in little pens, stalls or cages where their owners try to keep them cool (especially the larger animals) and safe from the storms until they can be shown.  Then they are taken home to their own barns and meadows.  Both farm kids and city kids benefit from these animals.  The city kids observe the farm kids handling, showing and caring for their animals and get a much better idea of the amount of work it takes to raise a pig a cow or a rabbit.  The farm kids spend many hours out in the heat working with their animals in hopes of winning an award for all their work.  With both groups, there is a lot to be learned about responsibility while at the fair.  The animals’ lives depend on it.  As a former 4-H member, I remember very well explaining to the city kids about the wool on the sheep and how they are sheared.  I also remember showing my dog in the dog show with lots of people looking on & cheering for the winners.

To me, the county fair will always be about the animals and the caring for them.  Sure we got to eat the caramel corn & the cotton candy and we got to ride the rides, and watch the band contest, but what we really got from the fair was an education in responsibility.  Too bad everyone can’t learn the same.

For information about the many services we provide at sit-stay-play In-home pet sitting and more. LLC please contact us at or call us at 765-744-5866 or email us at  We also have a booth at the fair this week and would love to meet you, so stop on by and say hello!  Be sure to go & visit those animals too & while you are there, be sure to tell a 4H member what a good job they are doing in caring for their animal.

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