Fleas, Part 2


After taking one of the cats to the veterinarian this weekend for her annual checkup, we came home with yet another type of flea medicine.  The veterinarian said that currently he is spending a good part of his day talking to pet owners about fleas, their life cycles, how to get rid of  them, etc.  It seems that maybe those little rascals are becoming a bit immune to the two main flea medications currently on the market, Frontline® and Advantage®.  There is also the flea medication known as Advantix®, but it is ONLY FOR DOGS.  Our veterinarian said the doctors in his practice had been telling pet owners that they might need to treat their pet every three weeks instead of the normal four weeks!  He said this had not yet shown any adverse affects and also said that it seems to be worker better than the more traditional four weeks.  He also suggested that pet owners remember to do these things in addition to putting medication in or on your pet:

  •  Vacuum daily with special attention to crevices, behind skirting on sofas & chairs, in corners, between edges of the pet’s bedding, along seams on upholstered furniture, etc.  
  • After vacuuming, remove the sweeper bag, seal it & take it straight outside to the trash can.  If you have a canister model.  Empty the canister and thoroughly clean it after you finish vacuuming.  Seal the bag the waste is in & take it outside to thrash can immediately
  • Wash all bedding or any rugs where the animal might have lain.  If the items are already clean, put them in the dryer on as high a heat setting as is appropriate for the item for at least 30 minutes.  

Persistent attention to these practices plus the medication should rid your pet and your house of fleas.  

Finally, because we had four animals involved, two of which are inside/outside animals, he suggested that it might be time to try a different flea treatment for the cats.  It is called Spot-On for Cats & is put out by activyl®.  Because this product doesn’t depend on the fleas biting the animal to get the medication through the bloodstream, they do not have time to lay eggs before dying.  It kills the fleas on contact.  Fleas lay somewhere around 40 eggs per day, so if you can’t get rid of the fleas, it is probably because the eggs keep hatching out & growing into full grown fleas and the cycle starts again.

I’m certainly not recommending any of these products as this is a decision that should be made by you and your veterinarian, There is help out there in getting rid of these nasty little pests and it probably doesn’t exist on your local pet store’s shelves, so call your veterinarian and determine if you need her help.  Good luck to all of you & hopefully you will have flea free days soon!

Keep in mind that the staff at sit-stay-play in-home pet sitting and more, LLC welcome your calls and are there to provide services for your pets.  They can be reached at 765-744-5688 or by emailing them at Kelley@sit-stay-play.com or at their website at http://www.sit-stay-play.com

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