Can Farmers Ever Go On Vacation? Yes! Farm Sitting Services Provided

Running a farm is a 24/7/365 days a year type of commitment. If you know anything at all about living on and being responsible for a  farm and all its livestock, you know that it is really difficult for a farm family to ever get away for a vacation, a weekend or even an emergency trip to care for a loved one.  Someone always has to stay behind to feed and water the livestock.  Someone has to be there to gather the eggs or milk the cows.  Vacations have to be carefully planned for so that someone comes to care for the animals while the farmer is away.  It is a big responsibility and there are not always volunteers willing to take on the job.  Until recently, there were no paid services available locally to assist farmers in covering the care of their livestock while they are away.  Now sit-stay-play in-home pet sitting and more.LLC offers farm sitting services to Muncie and surrounding counties. Typically, each farm has a variety of needs and because of this, each farm sitting request is customized.

Typical tasks and jobs we can provide include:

  • feeding
  • watering
  • applying fly spray
  • administering medication, supplements, minerals and vitamins
  • rotate animals in pasture/rotate flocks
  • collecting eggs
  • cleaning stalls/pens/cages

–Pricing is based on the number of visits per day and the time commitment involved.

We’re flexible and can provide farm sitting during your weekend trips away from home or for extended trips also.

From a Client…”My husband and I love to travel! We’re so happy that we found Kelley because now we can leave our horses, dogs and cats and we don’t have to worry about them.” Sara & Roger

sit-stay-play in-home pet sitting and more, LLC will provide your animals with the best possible care we can give and make sure your property is monitored while your away and provide periodic updates regarding your home and your animals.

Kelley Stewart caring for miniature donkeys

***Please contact us for current pricing. All rates & services listed are subject to change without notice.

sit-stay-play in-home pet sitting & more.LLC
2020 E. Lowell Street
Muncie, IN 47303
Telephone: 765-744-5688

Web site:

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