Congratulations to the New Pet Parents!

ThImagee local animal shelter had a “Petapalooza” event last weekend that by all accounts was extremely successful.  In two short days,  shelter personnel screened adoptive parents, directed visitors, collected adoption fees, and prepared more than 100 newly adopted pets for their forever homes.  Those new pet parents got a great deal too. Instead of the normal $60 – $75 adoption fees, the fees were lowered to only $5 for the event!  According to the newspaper, the director was initially skeptical about doing such an event, but was extremely pleased with the positive results.  These pets now have another chance at a life with someone to love them.   Hopefully the new pet parents are also prepared to be responsible for also providing the following:

  • A comfy bed, crate or shelter where they can feel safe and can stay out of trouble as well as harm’s way that is hopefully inside the house.  If it can’t be inside the house, there will need to be adequate protection from harsh weather-at all times during the year!
  • Proper grooming tools or visits to groomer.
  • Access to basic behavior training as necessary.
  • Nutritious food complete with bowls for food and clean water.
  • Appropriate medicines to prevent heartworm, fleas and ticks, and internal parasites.
  • Money for regular veterinarian visits to keep them healthy.
  • At least one appropriate toy to call their own.
  • Collars, harnesses and leashes as necessary.
  • A place to play or exercise.
  • Lots & lots of love.

It was thrilling to see that so many community members got out and adopted a pet.  Hopefully they will be able to provide the forever home for their new fur child that it so desperately needed.

At Sit-Stay in-home pet sitting and more we are always ready to assist you with all kinds of pet care needs whether you are a new pet parent or a long established one.  Just call us at 765 744-5688, e-mail us at or go to our web site at to find out more about how we can provide the services you need.  The only thing better than being a new parent is being a forever parent.  Congratulations – you just made a friend for life!<a href=””><img id=”i-1560″ alt=”Image” src=”; /></a></p>