No Nursing Homes for Senior Pets

After spending most of last week home with my pets, I realize anew how much my two older pets have aged in the past year.  Both are more than seven years old which is what most veterinarians consider “seniors.”  The dog has been showing signs of hip dysplasia for a while now (he is a German Shepherd/Husky mix), but we hadn’t noticed that he seems to be in more pain than before.  He is also having more difficulty getting up and down, so an order for some Chondroitin has been placed as well as an appointment with his veterinarian.  The cat is showing more and more signs of stress as she ages.  She and the dog were both survivors of a house fire and as a result both have problems with stress.  The cat routinely pulls her hair out as a result.  She goes in for her annual check up this weekend, so we will be discussing methods available for helping her with this anxious behavior as well. As I see them struggle, I remember back to a time when they were young and full of life and it reminds me that we all get old and it is good that there are products available to help them with their age related issues.

Growing up, if an animal got old and was in pain, the best thing to do was to have them put down so they wouldn’t have to endure the pain. any longer  Now, there are many things available to help them continue to live longer with a better quality of life.  There are numerous web sites that cater to the older pet with all sorts of aids to help them continue to deal with a multitude of age related maladies.  There are harnesses for lifting them, there are medications/treats that help with joint pain, there are orthopedic beds thatImage allow them to sleep more comfortably and the list goes on and on.  None of us want to see our pets suffer and it is wonderful that now they can continue to live to an older age without the pain that was previously associated with growing old.

At Sit-Stay-Play in-home pet sitting and more we offer many services that can also help with your elderly pet from walks to giving medications while you are at work.  Check out our list of services to see how we might help you help your pet!

So, no there aren’t nursing homes or assisted living facilities to care for our pets as we do humans, but with only a few modifications, they can live longer and more pain free lives than ever before.

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