AACHOOO! Allergies in Pets

I have seasonal allergies & being outdoors can make me miserable when new plants are springing to life in late spring and early summer. Did you know that animals can have seasonal allergies as well? While my eyes water and my sinuses become congested, it is different for pets. Usually the pets have itchy skin and will persistently scratch, lick, and bite their skin when allergy symptoms are present. Our dog, Ace has allergies so bad that he also sneezes repeatedly when too close to allergens.

Unfortunately, allergy problems in pets are an inherited predisposition. The pet might be allergic to any number of things such as mold, dust, other pets, blooming plants, bees, grasses, flowers, fleas bites, etc. The type of allergy they have is similar to hay fever in humans. When pet allergies are left untreated, not only are the pets uncomfortable, but they often dig at their skin so much that they create sores that can become secondary infections.

Just like with humans, pet allergy symptoms can be alleviated with a variety of methods. In any case, if you suspect that your pet suffers from allergies, visit your veterinarian for solutions to the itching. In very extreme cases, they can do skin allergy tests to determine the specific allergen and can then be followed up with allergy shots to build immunities in the pet’s system. Less extreme allergies might be treated with over the counter antihistamines. For our dog, the veterinarian has advised us to use generic antihistamines (dose is specific to his weight) and this keeps him comfortable. We didn’t opt for the allergy tests, but have a feeling that he might be allergic in part to our cats! He takes medicine for his allergies every day just as I do. When we board him or have a pet sitter we have to be sure to find one that has experience in giving medications to animals. Sit-Stay-Play in-home pet sitting & more will be glad to provide this service for you when you schedule them for dog sitting. Also, if you can’t find the time to take your pet to the veterinarian, Sit-Stay-Play can also be scheduled to provide taxi service for your pet to your veterinarian’s office. Contact them at (765) 744-5688 or visit their website at http://www.sit-stay-play.com for all your pet needs.

If your pet is itching and you see no signs of fleas, please visit your veterinarian before attempting to medicate them…and then call Sit-Stay-Play in-home pet sitting and more to schedule a visit.

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