Puppy Love or Puppy Stress?

It is unofficially puppy and kitten season and this might be the summer that you decide to take on the responsibility of getting a young animal as a pet. While kittens are pretty easily litter trained, puppies take some diligence on the part of the pet owners to become proficient in pottying in appropriate places. The internet is full of various hints and methods for potty training your puppy, but most of all it is the pet owner that becomes trained. Puppies need to know from the beginning that there is a place for pottying and it isn’t in their bed! Crate trained puppies seem to catch on more easily because they are confined to a smaller space and don’t like to foul it. Young animals need to potty every few hours and if they are to do this in an appropriate manner, someone is going to need to take them outside on a regular schedule. Thankfully the time between potty breaks gets longer as the pup gets older.
Meanwhile, how does a responsible pet owner have a full time job and potty train a pup? Again, there are many methods, but the main one is to have someone available to let the young animal out at least once during the day for some play and a potty break. This allows the puppy to be successful in “holding it” until it can go out to the preferred potty spot which will make potty training much easier. If it isn’t possible for you to come home at lunch time to do this, it might be worth looking into getting a pet sitter to come by at a scheduled time to take the puppy outside for a much needed potty break. Sit-Stay-Play in-home pet sitting & more can take care of this task for you and will even clean up the poop if you need this additional service! Contact Sit-Stay-Play at their website at http://www.sit-stay-play.com or by email at Kelley@sit-stay-play.com or call them at 765 744-5688 to set up a time to discuss your specific needs. Puppies eventually become dogs that have been successfully potty trained. Let Sit-Stay-Play & more in-home pet sitting & more take some of the stress out of owning a new puppy so that you can instead enjoy the kisses & snuggles that only a puppy can give!

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