It’s Scary Out There! Pets and Storms


The new “super” storms that continue to plague us are hard on both humans and animals.  No one at our house sleeps well when it storms.   We have a dog and a cat that survived a lightning induced house fire (we did too) and this weather is terrifying to them and to us.  At the first rumble of thunder, both the cat and dog go into panic mode.  And to make matters worse, our other two pets are following their lead and are starting to panic as well.  We can’t reason with our pets and explain away their fears when a huge clap of thunder scares them.  So, what can be done to help everyone cope?  This is what we have tried so far.  There is no perfect solution, but this helps some.

  • Close all the window blinds – even when it is dark outside.  If they don’t see the lightning, they don’t seem to be as scared.
  • Turn on the TV or radio louder than normal.  This helps to muffle the minor sounds of thunder.  This doesn’t work as well when the lightning is really close and the thunder is really loud.
  • Let them sit as close to us as possible & gently soothe them.  The pets are allowed in our bedroom at night when it storms (no other time) and just being near us seems to work.  Soothing her is about the only thing that helps the cat when it storms.
  • Tried a Thundershirt for the dog that is the fire survivor.  He is  large (110 lb.) & has lots of hair and he hated it.  He was too hot & that stressed him out more than the storm!  Others have had excellent results with them though.
  • Bought (but haven’t tried) pet pheromone products which are said to mimic natural cat or dog pheromones and come in various forms.  Pheromones are  natural calming agents for animials.  I’ll get back to you on whether they work after we try them.
  • Tried anti-anxiety drugs for pets & they produced limited results in our animals. Besides, we really don’t want to give anti-anxiety drugs to our animals!  It is my understanding that they help some pets a great deal.
  • Scheduled regular visits from Sit-Stay-Play In-Home Pet Sitting and More staff members who come by to walk the dogs and pet the cats when we aren’t home.  If it is a stormy day and the dogs can’t go for a walk, they stay inside and they get lots of loving and reassurance from our helpers at Sit-Stay-Play.  It seems that the human contact is especially necessary for those pets that panic easily. 

So, if you need somone to come to your house to calm your pets on a stormy day, walk your dog on a sunny day, pet your cat or any of a number of other services they provide, just give the folks at Sit-Stay-Play a call at 765-744-5688 to schedule their visits with your pets.  You can also contact them by e-mailing Kelley Stewart, owner and operator at and she will get back to you within 48 hours.  Check out their website at for many other services they provide.  It can be scary out there, but not if you enlist the folks at Sit-Stay-Play to help with your pet needs.

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