Dog Poop and Bees, Not a Good Combination

Image Ok folks, scooping poop can be a dangerous job! Just the other day I was doing a weekly scooping service and had to fight my way through honey bees. Several times these buzzing nightmares swarmed around me as I scooped up their, um…desserts?

If you have dogs I encourage you to keep their poop picked up, daily if possible. The bees I encountered love to feast on it and linger around even if people and dogs come near them. The bees typically feast on flowers but hey, I suppose they’ve developed a taste for dog waste–yuck!

Schedule your yard cleaning service with us to (1) save yourself time and (2) keep your yard safer and cleaner for your children and dogs.

Here’s some tips for cleaning your yard as safely as possible:

  • Have all supplies (scoop, bag, bucket, gloves) ready;
  • Walk your yard in a methodical manner so you don’t miss any spots;
  • If you’re allergic to bee stings, always have a cell phone with you and epi-pen just in case you get stung and it’s a good idea to let someone know you’ll be outside (might seem kind of strange, but hey, safety is my first priority!); and
  • Do the deed as quickly as possible without disturbing bees. Scooping after a rain works really good normally because the bees are still taking cover.

Call us a 765-744-5688 or email to schedule your poop scooping services.

One thought on “Dog Poop and Bees, Not a Good Combination

  1. Especially the so-called-bees…yellowjackets…they are there for two reasons…to get the flies….and also the poop too! :-/


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