Dog Walking at the Muncie Animal Shelter

Looking for a tangible way to help dogs at our local animal shelter? Well volunteer to spend some time with them! The Muncie Animal Shelter has started an awesome dog walking program and after two Saturdays, I think it’s going to be a huge success.

Here’s some of the goals of the shelter:

  1. Help socialize the dogs (to people, places and other dogs);
  2. Help exercise and allow them time outside their kennels;
  3. Give volunteers time to get to know the dogs so when a potential foster or adopter arises, the volunteer can speak first-hand; and most importantly
  4. Get the dogs adopted!

The more people become involved, the more people will talk about the program. If you schedule is tied up on Saturdays, the shelter is open during the week as well so don’t let that stop you. The phone number is 765-747-4851 so give em a call and get signed up. The dogs (and shelter staff) will love ya for it!

A word of encouragement prior to going to the shelter: RELAX. Don’t get super-excited. Stay calm and focused on keeping the dog you’re responsible for busy and interactive with you. Bring healthy treats…no cheap-o’s please.

Enjoy the short video,

Kelley Stewart, CEO

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