I made an announcement a couple weeks ago on facebook regarding some important news related to sit-stay-play. Well, the news is coming and I know many of you have been waiting with much anticipation for me to burst the bubble and let all the happy news spill out, but by golly, you’re gonna have to wait just a tad bit longer!

I CAN share this with you though…some exciting changes are in the works for TEAM SIT-STAY-PLAY, trust me. I can’t get into many of the details now because, shhh, it’s still TOP SECRET but when everything–business wise–is squared away and all the logistics are worked out, the spectacular announcement will be made.

Until then, what news do you have to share? Have you adopted a new pet? Made a job change? Gotten married (or divorced)? Or maybe you finally said, “Take this job and shove it, I ain’t workin’ here no more.” Whatever it is, share your news with us! We’d love to bridge this technological gap and get to know some of our followers and fans.

Many of you we know because we visit your dogs, cats, chickens, iguanas. Others, well, we don’t. You’re just a face in the crowd and I’m sorry about that. Until you call us at 765-744-5688, visit our web site to book pet care services or connect with us via our facebook page, we’ll continue to see each other from a distance. Don’t let that happen! Contact us as soon as you find out you have a trip coming up or a long day at the office. Our pet care providers will take excellent care of your pets and can provide you with daily updates if that makes you happy. You can breathe easy knowing your pets aren’t by themselves all the time you’re gone.

Be sure to stay tuned. As I said earlier, I will be sharing the news, but all good things come to those who wait. And wait. And wait. Business changes of this magnitude almost never happen overnight, and if they do, well watch out! As a business owner, my goal is to make the best decisions possible for me, my staff and our clients. This new venture will definitely help everybody and will take a little load off my back.

Patiently waiting,
P.s. Here’s a little something off-course but fun…in the post above I made reference to 2 songs, one country, one pop. Name the songs and the singers. Here’s a hint–both are women. Send your answers to

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