Adopting a New Pet? Read This First

Thinking about adding a new dog or cat to your family?

Awesome! We’re here to help.

When you’re thinking about adding a new member to your family, there’s some really important things to think about, such as:

1. If you have a pet already, do you know if your pet gets along with other animals?
2. Do you have the MONEY to actually take care of your new pet? As a responsible pet parent, you should be taking them to the vet regularly for vaccinations, check-ups and health maintenance. Dietary requirements vary by animal but just picking up a bag of kibble from Walmart doesn’t cut it with some pets.
3. Do you have the TIME to care for your new pet? Tying your new puppy on a chain in the backyard or shoving him in a kennel is so typical nowadays. Please don’t fall into that trap! Puppy socialization is extremely important if you want your puppy to be a balanced, happy and healthy dog down the road.
4. Are you competent in basic obedience training a new puppy or dog? If not, visit our web site and schedule training with us. If you don’t get the basics down and teach Fido the rules of the house, he might jump on all your guests, counter surf, chew furniture up and potty in the house.

Some other things to consider include:

1. Are you active or a homebody? If you’re looking for a jogging or hiking partner, a Pug might not be the best breed for you. Be selective. Ask questions. Do your research.

2. Do you have a back-up plan for the long hours you might work while you have your new puppy, kitten, dog or cat? A Pet Sitter is a valuable asset you have at your disposal. We’d be happy to assist you with your new addition, just be sure to give us a call at 765-744-5688 or visit our web site to set up pet sitting, dog walking or potty breaks.

3. Do all members in your household agree with your suggestion of adopting? Everybody should be on the same page. If not, the pet might get the short-end of the stick when you aren’t around. Having a pet is a big responsibility and without everyone ready to pitch in  to help train and give guidance, it’s much harder.

I love my pets and want to help you with yours if you ever need assistance.

Good luck to you and your new furry family member!

Kelley Stewart

CEO | Pet Sitter

sit-stay-play In-home pet sitting & more.LLC

“Your pet sitting, dog walking, poop scooping specialists!”

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