Living Abundantly Personally and Professionally in 2013

Living Abundantly Personally and Professionally in 2013

This time of year is good for reflection, don’t cha think? As I’m sitting here thinking about my life, Latin grooves from Salvador is playing on the stereo. Their upbeat rhythms make me wanna move my tush! Check out this band if you don’t know who they are…now back to my message…

I don’t make resolutions for the New Year but I do take time and consciously look at what I’ve accomplished (and failed to) in the previous year; immediately a few things that stick out:

Insight #1: My intentions are good but I often fail to follow through with the goals I’ve set for myself. Two examples include: failing to follow through completely with marketing plans and the dreaded E-word: EXERCISE. Every year I say exercise should be at the top of the MUST-DO list, but once again, it takes a back seat. What have you failed to do in 2012 that you’re gonna make a conscious decision to change? What steps do you need to take to make it come to fruition? 

Insight #2: I’ve made huge strides professionally and personally in 2012. Professionally speaking, sit-stay-play has done remarkably well despite my failure to follow through with everything I intend to do. Perfectionism can wreak havoc on your life and your business; sometimes good IS good enough! If that flyer or business card isn’t exactly the way I envisioned it, sometimes I just say, “Oh well, it’s gotta go out!”  Leaning on key members of my business and learning to let go of the reigns just a tad has been a major mile stone. Normally I keep a tight grip on everything, like a mother hen watching her flock, but honestly, I can only do that so long before my hands, mind and body are tired. What about you? Do you have a tight grip on things in your life or are you more open-handed? What strides have you made personally and professionally in 2012?

Number 3: This isn’t an epiphany by any means but I’ve finally begun to realize that there are stages we all go through and we’re always on a continuum. I can stop fighting the waves and ride them with enthusiasm, or live grouchy, unappreciative, tight-fisted and close minded. It’s all a choice. At points, I’ve felt unworthy of being wealthy and lacking little, self-pity exuding like beads of sweat on my forehead on a hot summer day. Then at other times, success and abundance abounds.

Living abundantly means a lot to me and as I look back at my calendar from 2012, certain things and events make me believe that I DID live abundantly in 2012 but at times, my glasses had a rosy shade and I failed to see the positive.

2013 will be filled with growth; growth in fortifying my spiritual needs, physical needs, personal and professional ones. Maybe I’ll even take a trip or two this coming year! What does 2013 hold for you? 

Is 2013 going to bring you a new furry friend? Be sure to call us if you get a new addition. Our number is 765-744-5688 or visit our web site at I’d love to take care of your new pet and help you live your life abundantly!

Yours in Growth,

Kelley Stewart

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