Action for Animals Pet Food Pantry

August 16, 2012 marked a new beginning for pet owners falling on hard times in Muncie. Action for Animals (AFA), led by Teresa Sparks, hosted its first ever pet food pantry, with tremendous success. Nearly 150 families received assistance, some received cat litter, cat food, cat treats or dog food and dog treats. To see a slideshow that was in the Muncie Star Press, click here.

Giving back and helping people in our community is important to me. And as a business owner, I think it’s equally important that my staff digs deep and gives back as well. We assisted the AFA volunteers by doing intake, talking to clients, explaining the procedure to incoming people. We pushed dollies of food and pet supplies to cars and read the application to individuals unable to read.

We talked to dozens of pet owners about our free pet nail trims we’ll be offering next month  and wow, was the response great. I handed out business cards with the free pet nail trim info and told several elderly individuals to call me to set up the appointments in their homes. Since Thursday, 3 have already called.

I’m so blessed to be able to help with this pet food pantry. I’ve seen the positive effects a little helping hand can have on pet owners. Many individuals will go without food to ensure their dog or cat has something to eat and nail trims, well honestly they often go overlooked. At Ernie’s Heart Pet Food Pantry in Anderson, I’ve cut nails that were so long they started to grow into the pads. Curled nails is a common occurence and by taking a little time out of my schedule to talk to them about their pets, the necessity of keeping their pet nails trimmed, spaying and neutering and any other pet-related topic that comes up, we’re touching lives and giving many people hope.

September 20 is the next pet food pantry here in Muncie from 1:00 to 5:00. It’s at Liberty Tax Service on North Broadway, right across from Union Chapel Church. If you’d like to volunteer, I’m sure they could use extra hands. Feel free to drop off pet supplies there also. They’d definitely be used. I’ll be there with a table set up outside trimming nails. Feel free to stop by with your dog or cat. I’ll do pet nail trims for anyone, even if you don’t need assistance from the pet food pantry.

If you have questions give me a call at 765-744-5688 or email at

Thank you, Kelley Stewart


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