Dog Training Tips

Have you ever had a friend that constantly butts in your conversation with some crazy, off-the-wall story or comment? I have. I’ve probably been that person (regrettably), sorry friends!

Well, our dogs can have similar bad habits. Homes with multiple dogs can witness sibling rivalry and the ‘butt-in’ move to get attention. Fido might nudge another dog to get pet first. He might put his paw on your arm, in essence saying, “Hey, I’m over here!”

If one of your dogs do this, act now. Don’t wait! This behavior can escalate into serious issues. Here’s some suggestions to alleviating this problem: Ignore the pushy dog. If you’re sitting down and Mr. Pushy is butting in, turn sideways, away from him, give other dog praise. He’ll catch on eventually. Give affection when your dogs are calm, not rowdy and vying for your attention.

Pracice NOTHING IN LIFE IS FREE with your dog(s). They should have to work before meals, treats, attention, walks, car rides, etc. A simple sit or shake are common NILIF behaviors we suggest, but you can have your dog do a trick or other command.

Giving equal attention in a multi-dog house can be challenging but worth it. Don’t let one dog be a love-hoarder!

Like to work with us for dog training? Contact us HERE.  Our prices are affordable and our training is done in your home which is very convenient.

Woof woof,
Kelley Stewart
sit-stay-play In-home pet sitting & more.LLC

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