Save Money for Unexpected Vet Bills

A friend of mine posted the information below on her facebook page yesterday and I thought it was so great that I wanted to share it.

>>>Off to work at the Vet Clinic today. Just needed to say to anyone with an animal, please please when they get into their senior years expect health issues to happen and Vet bills to happen. Don’t decide to give up your pet just because you don’t want to pay for their health treatments. Save up and prepare for it while they’re young. If your bills add up into the thousands and you can’t afford it or they get beyond help then be humane enough to euthanize. Don’t let them suffer because you can’t bare to let them go. If you can’t do either of these things then find someone who will. We see too many people who bring their aging pet to the shelter next door with the excuse of things like “he/she is peeing all over the house. Really? Really? If an animal is peeing all over the house, there’s a reason. A Vet visit is in order. Prepare for these things. They do and will happen. Never think that an animal is gonna outlive you or that they will have perfect health for all of their lives. Please do the compassionate thing.<<<

http://www.munciepetsitter.comCan you relate? Have you ever had a pet that had minor or major health problems, at any age, that came at a horrible time financially for you? I have. Several times. I hate to say it but I’ve also had a pet or two euthanized over the years because the medical expenses were going to be astronomically high. That’s a really, REALLY bad place to be in.

On a sidenote: Consider obtaining pet health insurance. There’s tons on the market and actually I’m thinking about getting a policy. That $40-$50 per month could save me gobs of money if any of my pets needed surgery. Compare the policies.

My friend speaks about senior pets because many people do give their pets up and trade them in for a newer model. It’s unfortunate but really happens. Please don’t do this. Your dog or cat gave you the best years of their lives. They sat with you when you were sad and shared in your good moments. They depend on us to take care of them, not abandon them.

If you need pet care for your senior pet, our pet sitters are experienced in caring for aging or unhealthy pets. Send an email to or visit We’re dependable, professional and compassion towards all animals and can help you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


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