Pet Sitting – One Day Behind the Scenes

Do you think being a pet sitter is easy? Do you think all we do is sit around and love on puppies and kittens all day?

Hate to break the news but that ISN’T what our typical days look like. Sure, there might be days that are easier, but those are few and far between. When you’re dealing with animals, schedules, potty messes and humans, it gets complicated. Take a look at one a day I had with 5 clients and an event at the fair I had to work around…

Great Dane at

5:30am-wake up, feed my dogs, let them out to potty

5:45-throw on some jeans, t-shirt and boots

6:00-head to client #1

6:30-let dogs out to potty, clean up poop, pee and stuffing from toys

6:45-bring dogs in, give a little love, snap a few pictures, sit with them on the couch

6:55-let them out one more time, bring em in, head out at 7am

7:05-head to client #2. Take dogs out of kennel, put them out to potty, feed, play fetch with them. Come back inside to rest for a minute. Put them in their secured area in the house.

7:45-drive to Anderson for client #3. Feed kitties, scoop litter 3 litter boxes, sit on the couch and let them lay with me for a little while. Bring trash cans in, pick up huge branches that fell from the storm.

9:30-arrive at client#4. Do a quick visual check of the property, take dogs out to potty, check kitties, make sure everybody is good. Fill the pigs water, top off the donkey water. Bring dogs back inside, clean up their pee and poop.

10:30-stop by and visit some kitties, client #5 of the day. Give medicine to one, feed all, scoop box, walk around the house and make sure there’s no vomit or poop on carpet.

11:15-swing by bank

11:30-grab a bite to eat at the Pita Pit

12:00-head back to client #1. Quick potty break for dogs, make sure they’re happy and healthy.

12:35-swing by my house, let my dogs out to potty

1:30-go to client #2 for a quick potty break. Walk around backyard, pick up & dispose of dead baby bird, bring in mail, put dogs back inside.

2:30-head home for a little while, switch laundry, change clothes, bring in mail, let my dogs out to potty.

3:15-head to fair, set up tables, talk to passersby

5:00-c0-worker arrived at fair so now I go back and make another round for the evening

6:30-do round 2 at client #4, scoop poop from donkeys, alpacas, sheep, pig and 2 dogs. Put straw out in pastures, top off dog & cat food. Bring in mail, add water to the pool.

8:00-final visit for client #1, let dogs out to potty, stop fence fighting, turn on the tv for a 15 minutes, catch a little Dog Whisperer on DVR, bring dogs back in, give them some TLC and put them to bed

8:45-stop by client#2, let dogs outside, feed, water, hang out for a little bit, make sure they’re ok, put them in kennel for evening

10:00-arrive home, let my dogs out to potty, feed, put out to potty one more time

midnight, head to bed, get up at 5:30 and do it all over again!

Sidenote: 3 other pet sitters were also doing jobs this day so in between what I had to do, I stayed in communication with them and stopped by to make sure jobs were done.

Not all days are THIS busy but most days are really busy. Some days I can catch my breath, get a little workout in, some days I just can’t because I’m too exhausted. This week all I accomplished was work, no ‘me’, which is good but very tiring. I so appreciate the relief when the schedule lightens a little but feel truly blessed that I have the clients to continue working.

Thanks for reading, if you need pet sitting, dog walking, poop scooping or other service, please give us a call at 765-744-5688 or visit Would love the opportunity to work with you and your pets!

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