Idiot Dog Parents

You’ve gotta be kidding me, right? Do I have ‘IDIOT’ written across my forehead?

We have wind gusts up to 60 miles an hour, some of our streets look like a war zone, tree limbs are all over the place from the lightning and fierce wind and your dog is tied up UNDER A TREE without a dog house. His tangled twisted cable is caught in the rusty fence and you think he likes it! Give me a break!!!! He’s stuck, probably freaked out and if he could talk, I’m sure he’d tell you he’d like to be somewhere safe. But no…you think he’s ok and he likes the rain.

I pass this chained dog everyday, numerous times. I see him making the same semi-circle, wearing down the grass. He never goes on walks, never gets to go inside, never gets to sleep inside the house. How sad. Why have a dog, let alone two, tied up in the backyard. What’s the purpose? Chained dogs normally lead sad lives. They’re more likely to become aggressive and usually aren’t socialized properly. Chained dogs can injure or kill themselves trying to escape their situation, click here to see a really good web site dedicated to bring awareness of chained dogs.

When it’s storming outside PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE bring them inside if at all possible. It’s heartbreaking to drive-by and see a dog cowering in the rain…shut-down.

The note I left on my neighbors’ door didn’t have the effect that I wanted, but at least she knows someone is looking out for her dogs. When she called and informed me that her dog liked the rain, I kindly suggested that a dog house should be provided so he could escape bad weather. She blew me off and told me that she’d take care of it. I offered to help them get a dog house and she refused.

So, these idiot dog parents are inside, protected from the inclement weather and I have to drive by and watch this poor dog suffer– everyday. I’ll report them to the Muncie Animal Shelter if the condition persists, but until then, I’ll keep my fingers crossed and hope she thinks again about our conversation and the nice little note I left on her door.

If you have a neighbor who mistreats their pets or fails to provide shelter, food or water to their outdoor animals, send us a message or leave a comment. We can make the call to the proper authorities if you’d rather not get involved. Don’t be a bystander, stand up for what’s right and be a voice for the voiceless…thanks.

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