Rain, rain, go away!

It’s the end of April and with April came cats and dogs!…Raining cats and dogs, that is.  Whether we’re taking our dogs for a walk or just letting them outside to potty, not many are too thrilled at the idea of frolicking among the puddles.  So how do you handle taking your dog out to do their business?

It’s true that dogs can stay warmer than us because of their fur, but that doesn’t mean that all dogs have weather resistant coats.  Some dogs handle inclement weather better than others.  To make outings more comfortable  for your dog, you might want to think about getting them a coat, to help keep them more dry and warm.  For dogs with sensitive paws, there are booties available to keep their feet cozy.  If you have a giant breed, a good suggestion would be to get a blanket used for a small horse.

There are also umbrellas specifically designed to attach to the leash  and keep the rain off of your little ones.  A drier dog is not only more likely to go outside with you, but more likely to be happier to be there.

However, there are always the stubborn dogs that no matter how you bundle them up, just refuse to go out and potty.  For the small to medium sized dogs, perhaps an indoor dog potty would be useful.  Indoor potties should never be used to replace daily walks, but they are great to have for the dog that rather hold it than go outside.   The options range from a large litter box with pellets or sod to puppy pads or fake grass.

Always make sure that you keep towels by the door to prevent muddy paws from getting all over your floors.  Also, keep another towel to dry them off as they come in.  No one likes to sit around soaking wet!

It goes without saying that it’s important to be safe!  If it is storming out, try and wait until the storm has subsided before letting your dogs out.  If you are caught out in the storm, avoid open spaces, like fields.  During the evenings, raining or not, be sure to have some way of alerting others that you are there, such as a reflective vest (as seen on Widget in the picture) or a blinking light.

At sit-stay-play In-home pet sitting & more.LLC, we like to assist our clients by making dog walking as convenient as possible, but sometimes when a dog’s gotta go, he’s gotta go!  Rain or shine!  We hope that these tips will be helpful next time your tail-wagger is in need of a bathroom break during not so fantastic weather.  Keep checking back for more tips and info on our furry companions!

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