Naughty kitty or sick kitty?

We all know that our feline friends can be a little moody on occasion, but sometimes their quirks can mean something other than letting you know they’re upset.  It’s important to rule out possible medical issues by taking them to the vet.

Is your cat being extra vocal?  Some cats just like to talk, but other times it can mean they are in pain.  If it is not normal behavior for your kitty to be yowling and carrying on, it’s possible they’re trying to tell you something.

Another one of the main problems cat owners face is when their cats decide to stop using their litter box.  Sometimes this can be caused by emotional stress, but it can also be caused by multiple health concerns, including bladder or kidney issues.   Make sure to keep close tabs on them and take note as to whether it seems as though they are straining or if there are crystals in their urine.  If your vet does not see any issues with them physically, perhaps your kitty is unhappy with something that has recently changed in its environment.  Have you changed the type of litter you were using?  Has your kitty’s litter box been moved to another part of the house?  Perhaps there’s a new person or pet living in your home.

Cats are certainly creatures of habit and a disruption of their daily routine can cause them to act up.  A study was conducted at the Ohio State University, in which researchers documented cases where healthy cats acted chronically ill in response to a change in routine.  These cats would go outside of the litter box, ate less, vomited and showed other general signs of sickness.  When researchers provided a standardized schedule for feeding, playtime and cleaning, the cats began to show great improvement.  This suggests that providing enrichment and consistency in an indoor cat’s environment, you can improve their overall health as well.  Just like people, when they are in a slump, they can seem like they are constantly coming down with something.  Our pets can be the same way.

We cannot neglect trips to the vet, but a fulfilled kitty can possibly help you cut down on your visits.  If you have a busy schedule, sit-stay-play In-home pet sitting &more.LLC can help you give your kitties the extra attention they need.  We can keep them on a regular feed schedule, play and cuddle with them and scoop out their litter box.  For more details on our services, please feel free to check out our website!

For more information on the OSU research study, visit here.

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