Our Loved Ones and Cancer

Many people have lost a loved one (be it pet, friend or family) to some form of cancer and many may know someone battling against it and some who have overcome it.  It is an unfortunate part of life, but we are learning more about it and it is imperative to raise awareness about the symptoms and treatments available.

Cancer researchers at the University of Minnesota have found a genetic cancer link between humans and dogs.  Not only do we share a strong bond with man’s best friend, but we also share the same genetic basis for certain types of cancer.  Long story short, if our relatives are prone to it, we must be sure we are checked for any signs.  Since our pets cannot speak, we need to pay close attention to them to make sure any illnesses are not left untreated.


Here are common signs of cancer in pets:

  1. Abnormal swellings that continue to grow. (NOTE: Although cancer is normally an asymmetrical disease, lymphoma often occurs on both sides of the body, so symmetrical swellings should not be ignored.)
  2. Sores that do not heal.
  3. Weight loss.
  4. Loss of appetite, or increased/decreased water intake.
  5. Bleeding or discharge from any body opening.
  6. Offensive odor.
  7. Difficulty eating or swallowing.
  8. Hesitation to exercise or loss of stamina.
  9. Persistent lameness or stiffness.
  10. Abnormal urination, breathing, or defecation

Many of these symptoms are also observed in non-cancerous medical conditions, but should still warrant prompt examination by your vet to determine the cause.  For more information about signs of cancer in humans, please check here.

Here, at sit-stay-play, this topic hits home with us.  We have friends, family and pets who have fought against the disease and won and some who have succumbed to it.  That is why our team, “sit-stay-play Paws for a Cause”, will be participating in the American Cancer Society’s Relay For Life.  We wish to honor our loved ones and hope to raise money in the fight against cancer.  We welcome others to join our team and/or offer donations for the cause.  Every little bit makes an impact.

All of our pet clients are given the utmost loving care and that includes those battling cancer.  So, if you have a pet that is battling the disease, know that we understand how it can take a toll on its victims and feel comfortable that they will be in very caring hands.  For more information on what we can offer your furry, feathered, and scaly family members, call us at 765-744-5688.

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